Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Facebook Censorship of Unsuitable Content

Whatever you thoughts on Facebook, nobody can deny that it is now a global phenomenon and has been for a number of years, with almost 1.5 billion users now signed up and using the site on a daily basis. Facebook is the world’s most popular social media networking website, and shows no sign of losing its top spot.

Whilst Facebook is mostly used for good things, like old friends staying in touch with each other, people sharing funny video’s, idle gossip and users posting pictures of their cats, there is also a dark side to Facebook. One of the main areas of concern is the way Facebook automatically plays video content which has been posted by its users. Whilst these previews do not play the audio content, the images do appear and every now and then this content may be completely unsuitable for the person who happens to come across it.

There have been horrific examples of people posting direct links to video content which contains either violence, sexual content or in some cases, death. Most of these have been in protest of some of the awful events which have been happening in the Middle East, and whilst they are often posted with the best intentions, most people do now want to see this kind of thing.

However, the good news is that Facebook are now taking the appropriate action by censoring this type of content. Whilst this is still a work in progress, Facebook are now attempting to disable the auto-preview and instead, any suspicious video content will have a warning, informing users that the video contains graphic content which may upset.

Many leading figures and politicians are said to be delighted with this move from Facebook.

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