Monday, 17 November 2014

The benefits of choosing a partner ISP

It’s never easy choosing the right ISP (internet service provider) as there are so many out there in the market place. Many feel more comfortable simply going with one of the main providers such as BT, Virgin Media, Talk Talk etc. The misconception is that by going direct, they will get a better service and buy price than if they had chosen an intermediate partner company.
However, this is not entirely accurate for a number of reasons;
  • Generic support. All support calls go through to a call centre as opposed to a dedicated support team.
  • No dedicated account manager.
  • Standard pricing with no room for negotiation or discounts.
  • Generic accounts contacts – no one department or person to speak to should there be any accounts queries.
  • Impersonal customer experience.
ISP partners can often ‘add value’ to the services provided by some of the bigger ISP’s as they often have access to better resources than standard and direct customers do, due to the volume of business they put through the main ISP’s.

For example, a partner would have elevated support with the ISP, whilst also having their own support team. What this means for the customer is that instead of having to log a support call with an off shore call centre, all they have to do is speak to the partner who will then take care of everything for them.

It’s a well-known fact that customers like to feel valued, and not be made to feel like just a number, or even a small fish in a very large pond. This is why it is often beneficial to take services from a partner as they will usually assign a dedicated account manager who will take care of the customer, review the pricing, deal with any project management, accounts issues etc.

Additionally, a partner will have many customer accounts, which means that they would qualify for additional discounts which they then pass on to their customer base. When the services and product costs come down in price, the account managers will pro-actively get in touch to talk about renegotiating the contracts to reflect the new and lower costs.

In summary, here are just some of the benefits; 
  • Access to exclusive preferential pricing/tariffs & entire portfolio
  • Dedicated Named Support Team (account/service/billing)
  • VIP UK based support (24/7)
  • Portal access for ordering, provisioning & faults
  • Dedicated order manager
  • Partner's are often on a higher tier with elevated support
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