Friday, 7 November 2014

Super Connected Cities – Voucher Scheme

If you’re a small or medium enterprise, and you have been struggling with the speed and reliability of your internet connectivity then now might be a good time to consider an upgrade, as at the moment and until March 2016, the government have an up to £3,000 incentive to encourage businesses to improve their connectivity.

Claritas is registered as an official supplier on the scheme, so we can help out with the application process as well as the connection itself. For those interested, the main criteria for qualifications are as follows;
  • Your business is within an eligible area one of the 22 cities taking part in the scheme. Check your postcode to find out if you’re eligible
  • You are a SME, registered charity, social enterprise or sole trader
  • Installation of your new broadband connection will cost over £100
  • The connection is for your business premises. You can apply for a connection at home if this is your main work base, but this does not apply if you work from home occasionally
  • You are willing to sign up to a minimum 6 month contract with your broadband supplier
  • The broadband service you select delivers a speed or performance improvement on your current connection. There are some detailed requirements on speed that you should check before applying
  • You have not received more than around £120,000 in grants in the last 3 years
So far this scheme has been very successful, and many businesses are benefiting from faster connectivity, which in turn has increased productivity and in some cases, saved them money.

For more information and to find out how the scheme can benefit your business, then please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact details on this page.

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